Artifact #9: Book Review PowerPoint Presentation (TE 851)

Artifact #9: Book Review PowerPoint Presentation (TE 851)
Program Goals:
1, 3
5, 6

            In this PowerPoint Presentation for TE 851:  Literacy for the Young Child in Home and School, I worked collaboratively with classmates to review, analyze, and report on our findings from a book that we collectively studied.  We selected the text Children, Language, and Literacy:  Diverse Learners in Diverse Times, by Celia Genishi and Anne Haas Dyson because of its focus on meeting the needs of diverse students in literacy instruction.  Our book club and presentation assignment provided us with the opportunity to read and discuss an educational text within a community of teachers.

            This artifact is representative of my ability to review and proficiently communicate information to different audiences (Standard 5 & Goal 1).  I worked collaboratively with my group members to design a PowerPoint presentation that includes: a summary of the text; a description of the authors’ intended audience; a review of Genishi & Dyson’s argument; perspectives neglected in the book; the significance of the book’s contribution to the field of early literacy; questions that remained after reading; and our recommendation of the text.  This thorough presentation was designed to share information with the other educators in our class.  My group members and I also provided this presentation to colleagues within our own schools (Standard 6 & Goal 3).

            Reading Genishi & Dyson’s text about early literacy, critically examining its contents, and creating a professional review of the literature helped me gain a better understanding of best practices for young literacy learners.  We explored the needs of different diverse populations, including ELL students.  I also learned about the importance of play in the development of language, speaking, reading, and writing in an early elementary classroom.  Reading and reviewing this text provided me with the opportunity to consider how to best meet the needs of young literacy learners.


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