Artifact #8: Critical Response Paper #5 (TE 822)

Artifact #8: Critical Response Paper #5 (TE 822)
Program Goals:
1, 3
1, 5, 6

            In this second Critical Response Paper (CRP) for TE 822, titled “English Language Learners and Bilingual Education” I reflect on the importance of addressing the unique needs of the English Language Learner in the classroom.  I begin this short essay with relating experiences in my local community to the reading assignment.  I also describe my teaching experience with English Language Learners (ELLs) and the professional development that I attended to help improve my skills with regard to more effective literacy instruction.  I conclude by making a suggestion that U.S. policymakers should focus more attention on bilingual education, as the number of ELL students in our schools continues to increase.

            This artifact is evidence of my commitment to ELL students and their learning (Standard 1).  Throughout the essay, I engage in critical inquiry, as I describe the increasing number of ELL students in our U.S. classrooms and the importance of preparing ourselves to be effective instructors (Goal 1).  This CRP provides a short description of my experience teaching bilingual Kindergarten students in Detroit Public Schools.  I also describe the professional development that I attended so that I could best meet the unique needs of the students in my classroom (Standard 6 & Goal 3).  After reading a chapter on bilingual education from Banks & Banks text, Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives, I constructed an educated response that includes sound interpretation and connections to my own experience and practice as a teacher (Standard 5 & Goal 1).

            This paper is significant to me as a learner because it displays my ability to critically review scholarly texts, make connections to my own learning and experience, while reflecting on the importance of meeting the needs of all the diverse learners in my classroom.  The SIOP model professional development that I attended helped me gain a greater appreciation for specific best practices to utilize with my ELL students. I learned that bilingual students require targeted instruction that incorporates the familiarity and comfort of their own culture.  The use of puppets or role-playing can help ELL student to feel more comfortable while learning in school.  I will keep these best practices in mind as I work to meet the needs of all the students in my classroom.


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